Exotics ~ TICA & CFA Registered DNA PKD Negative

Kitten Pricing & Policy

Living Color kittens are priced in two categories:
Pet: $1000
Show / Breeder: $2000 & up
Deposits are $350 and are a requirement to reserve a kitten.
Please contact us before providing a deposit.

What your Living Color kitten comes with:

Pet Kittens:
First & second set of shots
Health Record
Spay / Neuter Contract
TICA Registration papers when Spay / Neuter Contract is fulfilled.
*All Living Color kittens sold within Canada come with a free 6 week trial of Petsecure pet health insurance.*

Show / Breeding Kittens: Not available in Region Two (2)
First & second set of shots
Health Record
TICA Registration papers with Show / Breeding rights.
*All Living Color kittens sold within Canada come with a free 6 week trial of Petsecure pet health insurance.*

When can you expect to welcome your Living Color kitten into your home?
The first few weeks of a kitten's life are critical to their overall health, growth & development.
Living Color kittens are ready to welcome into your home when they are between twelve (12) to sixteen (16) weeks old.
Living Color reserves the right to hold any kitten back should they require extra time to mature before going to their new home.

Shipping is available, the cost is the responsibility of the buyer, as well as the cost of the health certificate for both domestic or international shipping.
Dishes Food LitterGrooming 
Living Color's recommendation is STAINLESS STEEL only for both dry, wet & water.
Stainless steel is safe for cats, dish washer safe, unbreakable and easy to clean.
Living Color cats and kittens are fed Royal Canin dry. Living Color uses Worlds Best cat litter & Natures Miracle. Be sure to clean your cat/kitten's face daily. It is as simple as giving it a good wash with a clean damp warm face cloth. Be sure to clean well around the mouth area.
Do not use the same one twice or on more than one cat.
Plastic is not recommended, cats can have a reaction to it and develop a skin condition on their chin that resembles acne. Another condition that can be attributed to plastic food and/or water dishes are rodent ulcers. These appear as a red shiny spot on the cat's lip and chin area.
Plastic can scratch, knick & tear. Areas like this are a breeding ground for bacteria.
Adult cats are fed RC Persian & RC Selective 34/29 mixed half and half.
We mix the litter 3 parts Worlds Best to 1 part Natures Miracle. The eyes are really important to keep clean as you kitty has a flat face. We use cotton cosmetic pads dampened with saline solution or warm water. Do not use the same pad for both eyes.
You can use ceramic, just be sure the glaze is lead free. Kittens are fed RC Babycat dry and wet until they are 4 months old. Kittens 4 months and older are fed RC Kitten wet and dry. Clean litter makes a happy cat/kitten. Scoop often and change litter once a week. Comb your pet's coat on a regular basis. This prevents mats from forming in their coat and keeps it healthy. It also is good for connecting & bonding with your kitty.
Adult cats are fed a raw diet that is home made.


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